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June 4, 2017

April 13, 2017

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A Cry For Help...

June 4, 2017

As I sit to write this blog post I gaze out my window to the bird bath in my backyard.  There is a beautiful female cardinal poised on the edge and a second later she is a blur flying to the Holly tree.  This makes me smile as I remember my grandmother who loved birds, especially cardinals.  This grandmother is very important to me because she showed me unconditional love when I was growing up.  She’s been gone now for almost 24 years but I still think of her often.  I consider her a saving grace in my life.  


This week as been particularly challenging on a hormonal level.  My cravings have been CRAZY.  I’m retaining so much water that I slosh when I walk.  I haven’t thought about chocolate in many months but I am dreaming about it today.  Can you relate?


A statement caught my eye on Karly Randolph Pitman’s blog post this morning.   “A binge is a cry for help.”  Oh, I so want to binge!  I thought “okay, why am I crying for help?”  I think it’s because I feel so out of control of my body.  I have a cycling tour coming up in a week and I wanted to be feeling great, thin, fit.  Instead I feel like a water balloon and I have no idea when that will change.  I feel scared, frustrated and irritable.  I need soothing, reassurance and comfort.  


Rather than getting into my car and driving to the nearest health food store (which is only 2 miles away) for some high quality chocolate, I am choosing to find what I need from taking some slow, deep breaths.  I am glancing out my window looking for the cardinals.  I am remembering the love and warmth of my grandmother.  I am choosing to feel grateful for the beauty of the sunlight on the trees and the blue sky.  I am holding true to my commitments of being healthy, thin and fit, knowing that the hormones will eventually even out and I will eventually pass out of this phase of my life.  I am connecting to my own heart and telling myself “it’s okay, everything’s all right, you’ve got this, no worries.”


This is what I wish for you: Whatever you may be going through, I wish you peace and comfort. I wish for you strength to keep to your commitments.  I wish for you love and true connection both with yourself and with those around you.   I wish for you simple beauty that makes you smile.  I wish you the remembrance of someone who loves you deeply, even if that someone is already gone.  On that note, I see that the female cardinal is back, perched on the edge of the bird bath.  And I smile.


Blessings to you,





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