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Hello! My name is Diana Morgan, and I help women/people move beyond traumas that hold them back from achieving success. Are you frustrated because no matter how hard you try - you can't seem to break through to the level of success, happiness, health, and well-being you know you're capable of?

I can help you heal.​ 


If you or someone you know suffers with difficult emotions, painful memories, chronic illness, phobias, or physical pain, I am trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Reimprinting, and as a Personal Growth & Success Coach - all powerful - yet gentle, techniques that will help you break through to the life you're meant to live. 

I've personally suffered with trauma, chronic fatigue, anxiety, grief, and chemical sensitivity, and I've discovered and synthesized a multi-faceted  technique that finally resolved it all - an approach that I call the ''Alchemy of Change." The Alchemy of Change is a total physical and emotional approach, and with it I work on all aspects of the difficulties in your life - whatever area - or areas - you may be dealing with!


The Alchemy of Change consists of these methods - EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, and my Personal Growth & Success System - and together they help you work through and deal with the issues you're experiencing - issues that may be keeping you "stuck" in places in your life, no matter how hard you've tried to break free. Perhaps you've tried another therapeutic approach - or a number of them. This is where the Alchemy of Change works where other systems may have failed. 

My multiple-techinique approach is unique - and I've used it to help people accomplish what no other program can for the many problems people face that may have caused trouble and upheaval in their lives. I've used it to help women recover from situations like a sense of failure at an unsuccessful business attempt, the shock of an accident and the resulting phobia, and the pain and anger at not being able to say goodbye to a beloved father before he died. I've helped these and countless other people move past the profound trauma, grief, phobia, physical illness, anxieties, and anger ​that have tormented them in the past - helped them to heal and move into the life of their dreams.


The possibilities are endless. I would love to connect with you to explore how The Alchemy of Change can work in your life to heal and enhance it in ways you cannot imagine. 

Call today for a complimentary 30-minute session to find out more. Deal with it. Today. Your life is waiting!